Studying Religion and New Media Wiki

Announcing the Launch of the Studying Religion and New Media Wiki. This
wiki is designed for scholars and students of Media, Religion and
Culture who are focused on researching issues related to religion, the
internet and other forms of new media. This is a collaborative community
so welcome to the conversation

Based on some discussions I had last year with scholars at the
Association of Internet Researcher conference about creating a
collaborative space for sharing resources & research I would like to
announce the launch of the Studying Religion and New Media wiki for
researchers of religion and the internet/new media.

Please check out this wiki at:


If you would like to join this wiki just let me know and I will add you
so you can play around on it, add links, sources and especially your bio

Also please feel free to pass this info on to other who might be interested


Heidi Campbell
Texas A&M University


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