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Call for papers

The International Journal on Humanistic Ideology ( ) invites researchers and academics to contribute to the third issue on
Contributions are welcomed in the form of studies, articles or book reviews.
The material will be accompanied by an abstract (10 lines) – except for book reviews – a list of up to ten key words, and by the author’s CV, and a list of main publications (1/2 page). Materials, as well as general inquiries, can be sent via e-mail at
The International Journal on Humanistic Ideology encourages interdisciplinary approaches engaging the following domains: philosophy, philosophy of religions, political philosophy, political science, history, history of religions, history of ideas, history of science, anthropology, sociology, educational science and communications theory. Proposals from other related spheres of research can be submitted to the editors.
The language in which materials will be published is English.
The deadline for the submission of the papers is 15 May 2009.
The International Journal on Humanistic Ideology is published at Cluj University Press, Cluj-Napoca, Romania, biannually.
The Contents of the second issue, in attached file.
30 EUR / issue (60 EUR / year)
Libraries and Institutions:
60 EUR / issue (120 EUR / year)

Best wishes,

Mihaela GLIGOR, PhD
Romanian Academy, Cluj-Napoca
Department of Humanities

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