2nd Online Conference on Religious Studies

Dear Colleagues,

I’m very pleased to inform you that the web-site of the 2nd Online
Conference on Religious Studies „Comparative Religion: from subject to
problem” is finished and ready to work. The conference will be held on
www.e-religions.net from October 1, 2008 till December 1, 2008. So, the
only thing we need to get started is your papers. The deadline for
submitting papers is October 1 as the latest.

We are also pleased to announce the keynote speakers of the conference
will be:

• Prof. Michael Pye (Marburg University, Germany / Otani University,
Kyoto, Japan) „Research on Prayer in the Contemporary Study of Religions”

• Prof. Andrey P. Zabiyako (Amursky State University, Russia) „Religion:
Experience of Understanding and Typology”

• Prof. Giovanni Casadio (Universita di Salerno, Italy) „Comparative
Religion Scholars
in Dialogue: Theology vs. History in Letters addressed
to Ugo Bianchi”

• NEW! Prof. Armin W. Geertz (Aarhus University, Denmark) „Comparative
and Cognitive Science: Why Should They Meet?”

Abstracts of the plenary papers are already open to public access on the
web-site. More information concerning the conference you may find in the
final version of call for the conference papers attached to this e-mail.

For those, who will attend upcoming EASR conference in Brno, I would
like to note that there will be a presentation of the online conference
on a panel called „Various announcements” (September 9, Tue 14:30-15:00,
Faculty of Social Studies, P31).

We appreciate if you could spread the word about the conference among
your friends and colleagues, who are interested in the Study of Religions.

And we will look forward to see you participating in the conference!

Ivar Kh. Maksutov,
chaiman of the Moscow Society for the Study of Religions (www.mro.su)
Faculty of Philosophy, Moscow State University, Russia


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