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Call for Papers

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Australian Religion Studies Review


The Australian Religion Studies Review is the leading journal of the Pacific region dealing with all aspects of the academic study of religion. The journal is fully refereed and published by Equinox Press three times a year (April, September and December).

Australian Religion Studies Review is committed to publishing cutting edge academic papers dealing with all aspects of religion/s, both specialist papers and those directed to a general academic audience, and from both established and new scholars (with the exception of theological or confessional papers).

For further information about the journal, tables of contents of current and previous issues, and guidelines for contributors, please proceed to the home page for the Australian Religion Studies Review at Equinox Press.

Every second issue of the Australian Religion Studies Review is thematic. Below you will find calls for papers for upcoming issues:




22.2 (2009)

Religion, Spirituality and Birthing

Guest edited by Alphia Possamai-Inesedy (University of Western Sydney)

In any society the way a woman experiences pregnancy, gives birth and the form of care she and her baby receive points directly to the key values of that culture. There is little wonder, therefore, that pregnancy and childbirth are argued to be significant physiologic, cognitive, social, cultural and spiritual events. Religious/spiritual beliefs have been argued to help women define the meaning of childbirth as well as provide coping mechanisms for the intensity of the birth.

Regardless of this and despite the decades of research carried out within various academic fields, very little research is occurring within the social sciences and humanities on the relationship between religion/spirituality and reproductive health practices which is the focus of this special issue. Furthermore, this special issue will address recent social changes and social theory debates (e.g.

globalisation and multiculturalism; risk society; new religious movements, social and cultural impact of new technologies) that might bring to light this relationship between birth and religion/spirituality. Completed articles should not exceed 8,000 words.

Submission deadline is September 2008. Early submissions are welcome.

Please contact Alphia Possamai-Inesedy ( for further details.


23.1 (2010)

Religion and Buildings

Guest edited by Jennifer Clark (University of New England)

This issue will explore the relationship between buildings and religious expression. Topics may include, for example, architecture, design and interior decoration of buildings used for religious purpose; disputes over property; theological argument tied to place; the symbolic representation of religious buildings; renovation for liturgical renewal; church planning and church planting; renovation and reuse of religious buildings; shared space; religious expression in the absence of a building; local church history; religious buildings and multi-culturalism; and preserving the heritage of religious buildings.

Completed articles should not exceed 8,000 words. Submission deadline is July 2009. Early submissions are welcome. Please contact Jennifer Clark ( further details.


23.3 (2010)

Religion and Spirituality in Cyberspace

Guest edited by Roxanne D Marcotte (University of Queensland)


24.2 (2011)

Religion and Celebrity

Guest edited by Carole Cusack (University of Sydney)


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