Vacant Professorship in Sweden

I would like to inform you about a vacant position as Professor of the
Study of Religions at Södertörn University College in Stockholm, Sweden.

The Study of Religions at Södertörn University College is an academic
discipline within the Humanities and Social Sciences. The approach is
mainly historical, social and comparative, and the undergraduate and
postgraduate courses, as well as the research, have a non-confessional
perspective. The main focus is religious traditions in transformation,
particularly contemporary trends and developments in Islamic and Christian

The interaction between religions and/or religious movements in relation to
globalisation is also of interest and the didactics of religion are
integrated into all activities. We hold courses at undergraduate and
advanced level, and strive to keep a high research profile that has strong
links to teaching. Therefore, our profile areas are reflected on all levels
of the courses and programmes we offer. There is an explicit ambition to be
theoretically and methodologically up-to-date in our research, as well as
in the courses taught.

The Department of the Study of Religions was founded in 2002. It is part of
the School of Gender, Culture and History. Currently, there are two
professors, six senior lecturers and seven doctoral students. Moreover, we
have a number of associate teachers and doctoral students.

More information about the position and application procedure is found at, see Vacant positions.

Or follow this link:


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