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Call for papers, EASR 2008 in Brno, panel on syllabuses

Call for papers:

Panel at the annual conference of the European Association for
the Study of Religions (EASR), 7-11 September 2008, Brno, Czech Republic:

„The study of religions and syllabuses for school education about religion”

In most countries, there is one or another kind of education about religions in public schools. In some of these, but far from most of them, the study of religions is regarded as the academic partner for school RE. In both cases, the study of religions, in the shape of its academic institutions as well as its scholars, is not or only rarely involved in the creation of syllabuses for school education about religions.
In this panel, we invite scholars of religion to take a look at the representation of religions in syllabuses for school RE. We encourage analyses of syllabuses of any school subject in which different religions are studied. The panel intends to raise the question in how far these syllabuses correspond to a study-of-religions view of religion and religions. Furthermore, we would like to discuss the lack of or various kinds of involvement of departments and scholars of the study of religions in the creation of syllabuses and other practical issues concerning religious education. This entails reflection about compromises that may be made due to external factors providing the framework for this involvement.
As a further step, we would like to gather ideas and initiate a discussion about criteria for a study-of-religions approach to the representation of religion and religions in syllabuses for school RE. We invite papers from different countries and hope to contribute to establishing the involvement of the academic study of religions in school-related issues on a European level.

Please send offers of papers (abstracts of no more than 200 words) to Tim Jensen and Wanda Alberts:

*Deadline for abstracts: June 6, 2008

EASR conference website:

Dr. Wanda Alberts

Lecturer in the Study of Religions
Department for the Study of Religions and Religious Education
Faculty of Cultural Studies
University of Bremen

Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin
Institut für Religionswissenschaft und Religionspädagogik
Fachbereich Kulturwissenschaften
Universität Bremen

Badgasteiner Straße
Sportturm, Raum C 3110
28359 Bremen

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