BASR Conference details and call for papers – reminder

British Association for the Study of Religions


The next BASR conference will be held at York St John University from 1-3 September 2008

The conference theme will be

The BASR Annual Lecture will be given by
Prof Douglas Davies (University of Durham).

It will be entitled
Memorable Relations and Paradigmatic Scenes

Proposals of papers and panels are invited that consider and debate memory and remembrance in religion and the study of religions. For example, concepts and performances of commemoration in particular religions or in popular culture might include phenomena such as road side shrines and woodland burials. Theorisation of memory might address the ways in which religious people remember and represent memory, including in „invented traditions”. All papers relevant to the theme will be considered.

Offers of panels, individual papers and reports of work in progress by 1 June
2008 to: Prof Ron Geaves, Theology and Religious Studies, Liverpool Hope University,
Hope Park, Liverpool, L16 9JD

Further details and a registration form can be found on the BASR web site:


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