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Roma Day Celebrations in Chandigarh (India)

This misidentification has become evident again on the occasion of the „Roma [Gypsy] Day Celebrations” in Chandigarh, on 8 April, 2008, to which participated Gypsies from Bulgaria, Croatia, Slovak Republic, Ukraine and Australia. None from Romania.

„The Indian Express”, a major Delhi based newspaper, characterises the event – in the very title of its article – as „attempts to promote cultural relations between Romania and India”.

„The Tribune” from Chandigarh (the capital of Punjab) speaks about the „Romanian civilisations” with reference to the Gypsies (the Roma / Gypsies are called „Roman”). Mr. S. K. Setia, H.C.S., Director of Public Instruction (Schools), Chandigarh Administration, is quoted speaking about the event as being a „cultural exchange programme” with Romania.

And so on. Nobody seems to take serious action against this misidentification which has the tendency of going global. In a world in which the image has become capital (read „fatal”), such an attitude is merely suicidal.

The Romanian government, the diplomatic missions and the Romanian journalists connected to the international mass media should take the matter very seriously.

A good idea would be to create an NGO to act specifically on this issue, and generally on maters related to the misrepresentation of Romanians.

Please circulate this appeal.

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From: Roma Virtual Network
Date: Thu, 24 Apr 2008 16:39:24 +0300
Subject: Roma Day Celebrations in Chandigarh, India

Roma Day Celebrations in Chandigarh (India)

8 April, 2008

India Inter-Continental Cultural Association (Regd.), Chandigarh (India) in collaboration with Writers Club, Chandigarh, and Government Model Senior Secondary School, Sector 47-D, Chandigarh organized Roma Day Festival in Chandigarh on 8 April, 2008. This Festival was also supported by Indo-Roma Centre, Belgrade (Serbia) whose President Mr. Jovan Damjanovic sent us warm greetings and best wishes for the success of this Festival. These events were the result of continuous efforts made by Mr. Dev Bhardwaj, Director, India Inter-Continental Cultural Association, Chandigarh (India), who is also the first Vice-President of Indo-Roma Centre, Belgrade (Serbia).  On the occasion were present conveners of Writers Club, Chandigarh – Mr. Sham Singh Angsang and Saathi Balwinder Singh. Dr. Suresh Pillia, Incharge Indian Diaspora section of Indira Gandhi National Centre for Arts, Delhi was the special Guest of honour who offered all help to for such events in the future. Mr. Janardhan Pathania, Advisor, IICCA surprised all by speaking in romani language.  He said romani language is the off-shoot of Punjabi, Hindi and Rajasthani languages and every from India can learn it very easily. Prominent poets, writers, artists, journalists and intellectuals  like Prof. P. S. Nirola, Film Director, Ms. Manjit Indra, Malkit Singh, Artist, Devinder Daman, Theatre Director, C. R. Modgil, Director Haryana Punjabi Sahit Academi, Kashmir Singh Pannu, Prof. Ajmer Singh, Amar Giri, Hardev Chauhan, Jatinder Pajni, Raj Kumar, Artist, Sabita Dass, were also present on the occasion.

Two major events were organized:

(1) Exhibition of paintings (total displayed 82) by roma (Gypsy) children from :

Slovak Republic (54),
Bulgaria (20),
Croatia (5)
Australia (2) and
Ukraine (1)

Exhibition of paintings was inaugurated by Mr. S. K. Setia, H.C.S., Director of Public Instruction (Schools), Chandigarh Administration, Chandigarh on 8 April, 2008 at 11.00 A.M. who was chief guest of the occasion in the premises of Government Senior Secondary School, Sector 47-D, Chandigarh (India). He was so impressed by the paintings displayed in the exhibition that he immediately sent orders to all the Governments Schools in the city of Chandigarh to depute children of their schools to see this exhibition, which will surely encourage the young generation to motivate them towards fine art. The exhibition remained open for three days from 8 to 10 April, 2008. The display of paintings was done in a very impressive manner by the art-teacher of the school Mr.  Vishal Bhatnagar & other supporting staff and students under the over all supervision of Mr. J. S. Basota, Principal of the school who worked very hard for the success of this festival. Main force behind motivation to organise such an exhibition was Mr. Jan Sajko <>, Art teacher of a school in Slovak Republic.

(2) Romani Music & Dance by Miss Fruzsina Hanna Perjes (from Hungary)

In the evening at the same avenue, well know roma-gypsy singer Miss Fruzsina Hanna Perjes from Budapest Hungary presented Romani songs in her full melodious voice. She was accompanied by three local musicians who earlier were  with her for two days to do rehearsal.

RESULT of competition of paintings
Out of 82 paintings from 5 countries displayed in the exhibition, overall best entry award went to Slovak Republic. Country-wise Ist, 2nd 3rd positions were also declared. judgment was done by a jury of prominent artists from Chandigarh.
Here are the paintings who were declared awarded:

OVERALL BEST ENTRY from 82 paintings from 5 countries :

DUZDOVA DASA (Slovak Republic)


3. BILA IVETA (3rd)


1. Asparuh Iaroslavov (Ist)
2. Iana Angelova Ivanova (2nd)
3. Tsvetina Hristova (3rd)
4. Adelina Ivajlova Burova (Consolation)


1. Patricia Cana (Ist)
2. Viktor Cana (2nd)

No painting was awarded from
Ukraine and Australia because there was
entry from one children each from these countries.

We congratulate all the children who are awarded and also who participated
and wish they could ever visit India to see their ancestor’s land, its art, culture and people.

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