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Mark and Ruth Luckens International Prize in Jewish Thought, 2009

Dear colleagues,
I would be very grateful if you could point this competition out to relevant individuals:
Mark and Ruth Luckens International Prize in Jewish Thought, 2009

The University of Kentucky is pleased to sponsor the Mark and Ruth Luckens International Prize in Jewish Thought. The Luckens Prize, commemorating a generous gift by the late Dr. Mark M. Luckens to the University, is administered, judged, and awarded by faculty at the University of Kentucky. The Prize is awarded annually for an essay in the field of Jewish thought by a graduate student or recent PhD or someone of equivalent status.

General details of the competition are that the essay should be original and unpublished, and of around 5000 words. Essays are welcome in a variety of languages. The winner will receive a cash award of $1000 and is expected to deliver a lecture based on the essay on campus during the Spring Semester 2009 for which travel and ground expenses shall be provided. The lecture should be given in English.

Essays are due no later than November 1 2008. The result of the competition will be announced no later than January 15 2009.

Any inquiries should be directed to Oliver Leaman. Essays should be directed to him as either an email attachment or in paper form, or both.

Oliver Leaman

Director, Judaic Studies Program

University of Kentucky

1415 Patterson Office Tower

Lexington KY 40506-0027


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