Religion, Identity, and Life Courses

ISORECEA Conference

Religion, Identity, and Life Courses

Kraków, Poland

December 11–14, 2008

Plenary sessions:

  1. Religion and Everyday Life in Central and Eastern Europe
  2. Religious Identity: From Heritage to Conversion (and back)
  3. Religion and Identity in Central and Eastern Europe vs. Western Europe vs. World

Conference themes:

  1. Religion and identity formation – individuals and communities
  2. Religion and individual formation: time and space
  3. Religion and meaning of life: bioethical dilemmas (euthanasia, cloning, in vitro)
  4. Religion and social problems (poverty, inequality, discrimination, social distance, access to social rights)
  5. Searching identity – Changing identity
  6. Religious or Secular? – Everyday life and its frames (the calendar, the time of work and rest etc.)
  7. Identity and migrations
  8. Local and global dimension of identity

Please submit a 200 word abstract of the paper with an application form to the e-mail:, by May 30th 2008.

For application form and all other information (registration, conference fees, financial support, conference venue, and accommodation) please visit the ISORECEA web-site:

Please access the attached hyperlink for an important electronic communications disclaimer:


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