Panel at the annual conference of the European Association for the Study of Religions

Panel at the annual conference of the European Association for
the Study of Religions (EASR), 7-11 September, Brno, Czech Republic:

‘The problem of second order tradition in Religious Studies’

At the IAHR special conference on methodology in Turku, 1973, Walter
Capps drew attention to the lack of a ‘second order tradition’ in
Religious Studies (RS). Capps argued that the field had difficulty
‘relating to its past in narrative form’. He was concerned that lack
of agreement on ‘corporate intelligence’ would hamper the field’s
intellectual and institutional development.

The problem has intensified in the light of recent critiques of
metanarrative and disciplinarity. Focusing on the recent and
contemporary period (post-1970), this panel aims to address the
following questions: Is RS a field or a discipline? Does it have
(or should it aspire to) metatheoretical unity, and if so, in what
does (or should) this lie? How does RS relate to models of
disciplinarity and interdisciplinarity? And how does it compare with
other academic disciplines on these and related issues?

Empirical-historical case studies and metatheoretical analyses are both invited.

*Deadline for abstracts: 25 April 2008

EASR conference website:

Dr. Steven Sutcliffe
Lecturer in Religion and Society
School of Divinity
University of Edinburgh
New College


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