Between Worlds: Matthias Corvinus and his Time

Between Worlds:
Matthias Corvinus and his Time

(23rd-26th of October 2008)

On the 550th anniversary of Matthias Corvinus’ enthronement as king of Hungary (1458) and on the 565th anniversary of his birth in the city of Cluj (Klausenburg, Kolozsvár), the „Babeş-Bolyai” University of Cluj-Napoca, the Romanian Academy (The Center for Transylvanian Studies and the „George Bariţ” Institute of History of Cluj-Napoca), the National History Museum of Transylvania (Cluj-Napoca), together with the Society Patrimonium Transsylvanicum (Cluj-Napoca), will host an international conference devoted to Matthias Corvinus’ personality and time (Cluj-Napoca, 23rd-26th of October 2008).

The main topics selected for this international scientific venue are:

  1. The Later Crusades and the Ottoman Question: European Power Relations after the Fall of Byzantium
  2. Renaissance and Humanism in Comparative Perspective: Greek and Latin Models in Local Contexts
  3. Social Structure and Change: Late Medieval Central- and South-East European Patterns and Careers
  4. The Churches at the End of the Middle Ages: Union, Schism, Heresy and Attempts of Reformation
  5. Royal Images and Perceptions: Medieval and Modern Perspectives on King Matthias Corvinus
  6. Patrons and Artists: Patronage, Propaganda and the Visual Arts in the Late 1400′ and Early 1500′

The languages of the lectures are: English, French, German and Italian. All papers will be published in the fourth volume of the Between Worlds series, entitled Matthias Corvinus and his Time.

Mathias Corvinus signs


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