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16 PhD scholarships in transcultural studies at the University of Heidelberg

Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg
Cluster of Excellence: Asia and Europe in a Global Context: Shifting
Asymmetries in Cultural Flows

The Graduate School for Transcultural Studies (GSTS) is part of the
Cluster of Excellence „Asia and Europe in a Global Context: Shifting
Asymmetries in Cultural Flows” at the University of Heidelberg
( The objective of the Cluster is to
examine processes of cultural exchange with a strong focus on
interdisciplinary research. The Cluster challenges the master
narrative of asymmetrical Western domination along with its historical
explanation, its methodology and the resulting structures of
humanities and social science research. Starting from winter term 2008
the GSTS offers within its doctoral program

16 doctoral/PhD scholarships in transcultural studies.

The GSTS is looking for applicants with an excellent academic
background interested in completing a doctoral degree at the
University of Heidelberg. Applicants are required to have graduated at
a Master level or equivalent by the time of their application.
Scholarships are available from 2008 to both home/EU and overseas
students up to the age of thirty. They range from 1,000 to 1,400 ? per
month, depending on family allowance. The scholarships are awarded for
two years with possibility of extension for a third year. Eight
scholarships are reserved for students from Asia.

The doctoral program addresses applicants with above-average
university degree whose PhD-project fits in one of the Cluster’s four
Research Areas ( Currently
contributors to the Cluster work in the fields of Anthropology,
Archeology, Art History, South and East Asian Studies, Assyriology,
Cultural Studies, English Philology, Ethnology, Geography, History,
Indology, Islamic Studies, Musicology, Philosophy, Political Science,
Public Health, Religious Studies, Sinology, Sociology and others.
Reflecting the interdisciplinary approach of the Cluster, the GSTS
invites M.A. holders from these as well as other disciplines from the
humanities and social sciences to apply.

Electronic submission of the application is mandatory. Deadline for
application is May 1st, 2008. For details see the Online Application
System at

Some colleagues have asked about the language in which the graduate
school will operate: it’ll be in English.


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