Practical Matters, a new online peer-reviewed journal designed to ask and provoke questions about religious practice, is now accepting submissions on the theme of Imagination. We are a multimedia, transdisciplinary journal out of the Emory University Graduate Division of Religion, funded by Lilly Endowment Inc.

Submissions should help us see interesting and/or novel connections between imagination and religious practice, past and present, in any context or tradition. That could take many possible forms – e.g. helping to clarify the connections or relationships between religion and performance or artistic process, showing the relationship of imagination to ritual or religious community, exploring types of imagination (religious, theological, moral, pastoral, political), revealing dangers or perversions of imagination, etc. There is a lot of room to interpret the topic broadly and creatively.

Submissions from diverse disciplinary perspectives are encouraged.  This includes, but is not limited to, work originating in religious studies, theology, visual and performance arts, ethics, anthropology, literature, cultural studies, sociology, psychology, political science, philosophy, media studies, journalism, or the sciences.

We welcome submissions of traditional academic papers and critical essays, but also are encouraging the submission of multimedia scholarship. This might include film, video, soundscape, new media, photography, art or performance, among other possible media.  Do note that although exploring the possibilities of multimedia scholarship is part of our mission, we also are committed to working with scholars of varying levels of technical proficiency.

The submission deadline is May 30, 2008. For further information and submission guidelines, please visit: <> .


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