19th Nordic Conference in Sociology of Religion

19th Nordic Conference in Sociology of Religion

13–15 August 2008
Åbo Akademi University, Turku/Åbo, Finland


Call for papers, deadline April 30th, 2008

The theme of the conference is religion in a contemporary urban setting. How are religious traditions and practices influenced by the contemporary city, and what is the role of religion in the late modern „cityscape”? The pluralistic situation in a modern city is characterized by ethnic minorities, but also by various other subcultures. The role of media and consumption is most evident in urban settings. And in the centre of town, we find a cathedral. What are the strategies of the mainstream churches amidst the new urbanism? In short, how does religion fit into the contemporary city and what happens with religion in this environment?

The plenary speakers of the conference are Professor Linda Woodhead (University of Lancaster, UK), Professor R. Stephen Warner (University of Illinois at Chicago, USA), Professor Inger Furseth (Centre for Church Research, Norway) and Doctor Pasi Mäenpää (University of Helsinki, Finland). The language of the conference is English.

Keynote addresses

– Locality Studies of Religion: Methods and Approaches (Prof. Linda Woodhead)
– Parameters of Paradigms (Prof. R. Stephen Warner)
– Social Capital and Immigrant Religions (Prof. Inger Furseth)
– Spirituality of Homo Ludens Urbanus  (Dr. Pasi Mäenpää) 






Children’s negotiations on religions in diaspora and transnational space

Local and regional secularization

Management of religious pluralism by public institutions

Religion and politics

Religion and social problems

Religion as entertainment and pastime

Religion, gender and agency

Religion, migration and diaspora

Social capital and religion





Department of Comparative Religion, Åbo Akademi University
Department of Sociology, Åbo Akademi University
Department of Comparative Religion, University of Turku
Department of Sociology, University of Turku
Donner Institute for Research in Religious and Cultural History

Conference Sponsors

Stiftelsen för Åbo Akademi forskningsinstitut
Church Research Institute
Turku and Kaarina Parish Union
The Finnish Institute in London


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