Tenth International Bhakti Conference

Tenth International Bhakti Conference

Early Modern Literatures in North India

Sapientia – Hungarian University of Transylvania, Miercurea Ciuc, Romania

15-17 July 2009

The Tenth International Bhakti Conference is going to take place in Romania between 15 and 17 July 2009. With a location in Central Europe we hope to be able to provide an opportunity for scholars from India and the West to meet their colleagues from Central and Eastern Europe, which also has a long but less visible tradition of studying South Asia.

Keeping in line with its tradition the conference aims to investigate in the light of the latest research how bhakti in general contributed to the formation of early modern literary culture in north India. It encourages a diversity of perspectives without prioritizing Hindu ways—Muslim, Sikh, Jain, and other. We welcome papers investigating sectarian and courtly literatures in their social, economic, and political settings, especially those that flourished from 1500-1800 CE. in north India

The conference will be organised in 110-minute panels as well as fifteen-minute presentations of research. Advanced graduate students are also encouraged to submit paper proposals and attend.

Cogent pre-organized panels with three or four presentations are welcome. Panels should have a discussant who will comment on the presented papers and act as a moderator for the discussion. In order to get the best of a panel papers must be circulated among the members of the panel well ahead of the conference but not later than the first week of July.

Individual proposals for inclusion into panels or for short presentations on research are also welcome. Insofar as possible, individual papers will be arranged into panels by the organisers and circulated for comment, as in case of the pre-organised panels.

Since the conference operates within a limited time-frame, it is regretfully possible that not every proposal can be accommodated on the program.

Participation fee is 80Euro/person. This includes simple university accommodation, breakfast, conference dinner and a conference trip.

Deadline for applications with the submission of 300-word abstracts is 30 Nov. 2008. (It will help the organisers if you contact Imre Bangha at the earliest, in case you intend to apply.)

For updated information please visit the conference web-site at


Participation fee for students is 60Euro/person and for partners of participants it is 80Euro/person, which includes the same as the normal participation fee.

If you intend to apply or if you have any query regarding the conference please write to imre.bangha@orinst.ox.ac.uk


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