REVACERN 2008 conference, Szeged – Call for papers

REVACERN 2008 conference, Szeged – Call for papers
24-26 April 20008, Szeged, Hungary

Religions and Values – Central and Eastern European Research Network

The REVACERN Coordination Action, which is supported by the Framework
Programme 6 of the European Commission, deals with the research of
values and religions in Central and Eastern Europe. Since 2007, in the
research network there are 14 partner institutions cooperating. The
aim of the network is to update knowledge about religious and value
processes of the area from the last twenty years and to explore
regional correlations. The programme is practical in nature; it tries
to make the knowledge about the complex processes transparent and
manageable for the political and cultural decision makers. The project
is coordinated by Andras Mate-Toth, head of the Department for the
Study of Religions, University of Szeged.

The following sub-fields are explored within the framework of REVACERN:

* Religiosity – values and moralities
* New religious phenomena and religious renewal
* Orthodoxy in Central and Eastern Europe
* Religion and media
* The correlations of religious and national-ethnic identity
* Social activities of religious communities and civil organisations
* Values and religions in education
* Legal status of religious communities

The coordinators call for the experts of these fields, especially
those who have conducted comparative researches of the cultures or
countries of the region, to give a 20 minute lecture at the conference
and participate actively in the open workshops. The conference does
not only provide a professional overview of the religious and value
processes of the region, but also offers an opportunity for making and
strengthening relationships among the researchers of the region.

Applications should be summaries in English, no longer than 200 words
and the list of the most relevant publications. Deadline of
registration is 20 March, final programme will be published on 30

For more information and online registration please check the
following address:

dr. Andras Mate-Toth
REVACERN coordinator
Department for the Study of Religions, University of Szeged


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