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Travel Award for the 2008 ISNS Conference in New Orleans, June 19-22.

Travel Award for the 2008 ISNS Conference in New Orleans, June 19-22.

We will be awarding a $750 travel grant to the authors of five particularly good abstracts that have been properly submitted for the June 2008 ISNS Conference in New Orleans. This award is designed specifically for graduate students and those just beginning their academic careers, and will be given to scholars who:

1) are participating in this year’s annual meeting in New Orleans

2) have had their abstracts approved by the organizers

3) have paid their 2008 membership dues

Those interested in applying for this grant should send a copy of their abstract to Mike Wagner ( and me (  The deadline for receipt of abstracts is March 17, 2008.

   If you have questions, please email John Finamore at the address above.

The 2008 ISNS Conference Committee
John Finamore
Robert Berchman
Jay Bregman
Melanie Mineo

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